The Value of Safety

Do you see value in working safely, or is it a box that needs ticking to satisfy the Health and Safety representative (SHE Rep)?

Following correct procedures when working at heights might be seen as a waste of time that only needs to be adhered to when the SHE rep is on site. With the urgency surrounding internet system installations, the focus can be on satisfaction delivery to the client and getting it done as fast as possible.

Adopting a culture of safety requires a mindset shift. Embracing safe working practices, especially when working at heights requires discipline and sets quality-focused companies apart from the slap-dash fly-by-nights we’re all so used to. Plus, it has enormous benefits in the long run; apart from the primary and crucial purpose of preventing accidents, it:

  • sends a message to your customers that everything you do can be trusted,
  • tells your team they are valued and cared for,
  • which allows them to concentrate on a high-quality installation without fear.
  • This, in turn, increases productivity and efficiency and ultimately improves the company’s bottom line. That’s our experience, anyway.

Avoiding safety standards and procedures or window dressing to get past the inspection is a very short-sighted way of thinking and will harm your company in the long run.

Safety is taken seriously at Serve IT. All our technicians are certified by Gravity Training on US229995 & US229998 Fall Arrest & Basic Rescue, with key personnel also having the US 14706 Rope Rigging Certification. We use commercial and professional safety gear from Vertical Safety Systems