Stop Counting Score

Vaal ISP Internet company Vanderbijlpark Serve IT

The score takes care of itself – More clients, new contracts, and a growing business are all byproducts of our dedication to the inputs, details, and processes.

Today I got a call from a new prospective customer who wants to make use of Serve IT’s Student WiFi solution. It made me think about the foundational strategy that Serve IT’s business model is built on.

We don’t constantly look at reports and sales targets, we simply focus our time and energy on improving our product, i.e. designing and building rock-solid networks that exceed industry standards and customer expectations at every touch point.

Every project that we complete, and every customer interaction, provides us with input which goes into the next development cycle. We’re constantly looking for where we can improve and how we can deliver even better value for money to our customers.

When we focus relentlessly on the inputs, details, and processes, the results just come by themselves!

Serve IT provides Student WiFi Solutions to more than 6000 students in the Vaal, will you be our next customer?

Mias Harmse – Serve IT MD