Simulate Before You Devastate!

Serve IT Wifi Vaal

Network Simulation is a critical step before implementing changes on large networks.

At Serve IT, we are using GNS3 to simulate our production network; this allows us to thoroughly test everything from small changes to large upgrades before implementing anything.

The value of this approach cannot be overemphasized. We simulate a new network design using several different real-life scenarios. This allows us to see how the new design will react when a critical fibre link or backbone router goes down. We can also safely test out new software features and improvements to the current design strategy.

Essentially, we get as close to the real world as possible without touching our production network. When we do start implementing on the production network, we will be a lot more confident in the design, knowing that we have put in the time and effort to ensure things go smoothly.

Ultimately, the customer experience should always be the main priority when investing engineering time and capital expenditure, i.e. better network quality for our customers.